We are making IT landscape management easy and understandable

Effective IT landscape management

Our company is developing own line of products intended to improve IT processes departments of big business-oriented companies and the various structures. We offer a cost effective and efficient solution to gain and effectively use system knowledge based on Practical Code technology

  • Quickly gain, organize and share the knowledge of the supported systems
  • Speed up issue investigation and resolution
  • Optimize personnel headcount and free up resources for more critical tasks
  • Reduce risks associated with personnel on-boarding, training and retention
  • Reduce operational, migration and integration risks by overcoming limitations of your current IT landscape
  • Reduce TCO across the IT landscape


  • Software solutions – provide to IT specialists tools of various level for work with the knowledge base of company systems
  • Creation of competence center on our technology with involvement of external performers(outsourcing – the external competence center) or on the basis of the company(the internal competence center)
  • Cloud technologies – made to lower costs of maintenance and operation of IT systems. Organization of remote Datacenters.
  • Consulting services – help to improve management level of IT landscape.


  • Accelerate system knowledge accumulation and transfer – business logic previously hidden in the code now presented in a clear and understandable format
  • Reduce qualification requirements for the IT functions – with PRACTICAL CODE many of Level 3 support and development tasks can now be handled by Level 2 resources.
  • Have a comprehensive view of the entire IT landscape – regardless of the programming language all systems are now presented in a single heterogeneous environment.